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Taihua staff summary and commendation conference

On January 18, 2020, "taihua ship management co., LTD. 2020 staff summary and commendation conference" was held in the conference room of Shanghai hongta luxury hotel. Leaders of all departments and all staff were present.



The assembly in the warm applause of all the employees in the company leadership and pulled open heavy curtain.

First agenda, the general assembly by the chairman of the board Ye Shengbing speaking, in the past year, taihua achievements acknowledged, it cannot leave the staff's hard work.

To this, to express our heartfelt thanks to you for always.


Next, leaders of all branches and departments successively took the stage to report and summarize the work in 2019, and put forward plans and requirements for the work next year.


At the conference were advanced employee of the year award, perfect attendance award, golden idea for a total of nine outstanding staff award, award for outstanding staff over the past year's contribution in the work, motivate them up continuously, and can give play to the role of industry excellent representative, with more professional and responsible attitude, to serve for more customers to the meticulous service last week.1579512420228682.jpg

Looking back, we forge ahead;

Looking forward to the future, we are firm in our steps.In the New Year, the people of taichung rose to the challenge, united as one, and continued to write a new chapter in the development of taichung.

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