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School-enterprise cooperation research

 On July 21, Wang Shouyun, deputy director of MBA Education Center of Shanghai Maritime University, Bao Chen, director of enrollment Department, Liu Qingzhi, secretary general of Student Union, Gao Jiuang, general manager of Shanghai Tonghui Shipping Co., LTD and other party members visited our company to carry out school-enterprise exchange and research activities.

 Wang Shouyun, deputy director of MBA Education Center of Maritime University, introduced the purpose of this visit to our company. In order to promote the cooperation between the two sides in such aspects as re-employment of senior crew members, personnel training of shipping companies, solutions to industrial problems and improvement of management personnel, he came to Taihua for research.

Afterwards, Director Wang and his party had a conversation with ye Shengbing, chairman of our company and other company leaders. Ye Shengbing, chairman of our company, introduced the basic information and development history of the company, and the research team of the university had a further understanding of the development of the company. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on the relevant matters such as actively building a school-enterprise exchange and cooperation platform.

 The success of this survey will further promote the understanding between the university and the enterprise, lay a foundation for the cultivation of talents, and provide a possibility for the promotion of in-depth cooperation between the university and the enterprise.




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