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Hotel Mamagement

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  The company has diversified and vertical development while affiliated with the transportation industry,and has cooperated with a number of well-known five-star hotels in China, such as Beijing Hilton Hotel, Shanghai pudong shangri-la hotel, Shanghai kerry hotel, etc.

  The company would like to help universities and hotels to cooperate with each other , solve the problems such as the shortage of hotel staff and the decline of school employment rateat the same time of developing the company's cruise service business.so as to achieve the in-depth cooperation between universities and enterprises and achieve multiple win-win results.

  The company arranges students' interviews and employment each quarter according to the job vacancy in the hotel and the employment intention of students, and adopts the dual management methods of hotel management and company management, and gives positive help to students in work, life and future career choice.

  Application:send personal information to gaochao@heshengship.com by email.

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