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Our ship,HUAHANG 3, is expected to enter the port and pass customs quickly

The novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of the whole nation. A Taiwanese compatriot in Miaoli County decided to donate 40 tons of hypochlorite disinfection water to relevant units in Hubei Province after learning about the epidemic. On February 15, this batch of epidemic prevention materials were transported to Haitian Wharf in Xiamen by "HUAHANG 3", a ship dispatched by our company, and sent to the front line of epidemic prevention.

This voyage encountered heavy rain and fog weather, and a cold air is affecting the coastal areas of China. Under the professional guidance of the management company, the crew of this ship did a series of work, such as container stowage, fastening and binding, in accordance with the plan, and strictly complied with the operation requirements of the instructions for sailing in stormy waves. At noon on the 15th, they arrived at Haitian Wharf in Xiamen safely with 40 tons of epidemic prevention materials.

At present, this batch of epidemic prevention materials have been successfully transported to Hubei. Thanks to the efforts of the first-line crew members, thanks to the help of maritime and customs, and coordinates with relevant port units to open up a green channel for HUAHANG 3, so as to ensure the safe transportation of goods and fast customs clearance, so that they can be transported to Hubei as soon as possible.


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